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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  March 23, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. in the last 10 years our competitors have received a few awards. but we've received a few more, including jd power who ranked us highest in customer satisfaction for the third year in a row. only fios has the fastest internet on the most awarded network. now get super-fast 100 meg internet tv and phone for just $69.99 per month, online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good, only fios can. i don't know there's much else i could have done. >> what would you do if your pet were being attacked? tonight, a man is facing criminal charges after saving
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his dog's life. good evening. the man says two pit bulls were trying to kill his spaniel and tried to defend the dog without hurting the other animals and landed him in trouble with the law. randy gyllenhaal is live in center city. it is a question of how the man broke up this attack, right? >> reporter: well, he fired the legally owned gun into the air to scare off the dogs, of course, it worked. the dogs ran away and very illegal. so he reached out to nbc 10 to figure out how to best handle this kind of situation next time. if you've got a small dog, you've likely thought this through. a larger breed viciously atagging your pet. >> i probably would jump in there and grab my dog and pick him up. >> reporter: it happened to robert jefferson. >> cutest dog alive. >> reporter: the single dad got a dog for his son but one day in the backyard he says reed was attacked by two pit bulls next
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door. >> i look into this yard and he is just, kind of getting mauled to death across the neck here. you know? kind of in the air ripped back and forth and screaming for his life. >> reporter: robert grabbed a .22 rifle and fired shots into the air and that got to attention of police. >> make it stop without harming a neighbor's dog. that was the first logical thing to happen. that's not apparently a legal thing from what i understand. >> reporter: he is facing reckless endangerment charges. >> i think there are things that you can do before it gets to that. >> reporter: the spca told us by phone the kind of attacks can be prevented, keep smaller dogs away from big ones and if push comes to shove, try grabbing the attacking dog by the hind legs. >> very often get disoriented and distracted and then you can get them away. >> i don't know there's much else i could have done. >> reporter: robert wants other dog owners to know using a gun
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should be a last resort. >> if i didn't act, he would have been mauled to death honestly. >> reporter: the pennsylvania spca says dog owners have a responsibility to train and socialize their dogs so they don't attack. you can do that at your local dog park and robert says he probably would be in less trouble if he had shot the dog instead of firing into the air. live tonight, randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. new at 11:00, a music teacher is behind bars accused of sexting a middle schooler. delaware state police arrested the teacher at the middle school. that's in middletown, new castle county. they say she had a relationship with a 13-year-old boy. the mother found videos and pictures on his cell phone. a north philadelphia toddler is recovering after eating crack cocaine at her day care. it's a story we first brought you as breaking news last night at 11:00 at the works of early
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learning and the day care's owner said she pulled the small bag with a white substance in it from a 3-year-old girl's mouth and quick thinking that may have saved that child's life. >> it's personal. it's a child i know, i love abe care about. for a substance like that to be in the child i know that's very disheartening. >> the day care owner says she took the girl straight to the hospital. police say they do not believe the drugs came from inside the day care. after nine months pennsylvania's budget battle is finally over. we know schools will stay open and state workers stay on the job but what else happens next? nbc's 10 reporter is live in university city with more on that. >> reporter: you have to remember that this budget stalemate is hard on nonprofits, some have had to lay off employees or cut their hours, schools and some agencies have had to take out major loans so
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news of a budget is a relief but for some, they say that the damage has already been done. feuding state lawmakerer es fora family to make a decision. >> always in catholic school since kindergarten. i knew this year we knew we couldn't afford the tuition this year. >> reporter: ramos works for a nonprofit that receives state funding. without a budget, ramos was among the employees furloughed for two months as the organization could have enough cash to continue to provide services to needy families. >> choosing between paying the bills or getting an amount of groceries. >> reporter: the governor ended the stalemate. >> i cannot attach my name to a budget that doesn't add up. >> reporter: the governor isn't signing the bill and allowing the $6.6 billion plan to take effect and increasing public
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school fund thing $200 million. state subsidized universities by 5% and doesn't include new taxes. it pales in comparison to the aggressive proposal that began losing democratic support. >> it's kind of like, okay, thank god it's done. but now what? because all eyes are now on what happens for fiscal year 2017. >> reporter: she relied on the city and private donors to make ends meet and lawmakers cannot expect agencies to go through such extreme measures again they say. >> it's not okay. you're elected to represent the people of the commonwealth and work in their interests and this is not working in the interest of the people. >> reporter: now, the governor calls the plan a short-term fix that does not address a lingering deficit. now, the pressure is on as lawmakers have to return to the table to negotiate a budget. hopefully this time by july 1st. reporting live in university city, nbc 10 news.
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turning to the weather, and a mild night in center city. you can see the clock on city hall glowing in the night sky. beautiful clock tower. a different story out west. check out the aerial view of denver. coated in white. while we are enjoying a big warm-up, they are dealing with snow. let's bring in meteorologist sheena parveen. looks like we are getting the better deal here. >> yeah. we got the better deal today. we are going to get it tomorrow, too. if you like today, you're really going to like tomorrow. today 73 degrees in philadelphia. tomorrow, we're going to be that and a degree or two warmer. across the area. this is unseasonably warm, though. look at where we should be. down in the mid-50s. that's the normal high. we are going to be in the mitt-70s. a good 20 degrees above normal and staying mild going overnight tonight. so through the overnight hours into early tomorrow morning by 8:30 or so we should be around 50 degrees. and then going closer to
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lunchtime tomorrow, already in the low 60s. and then we'll be back up into the low 70s through most of the area by the afternoon. coming up, though, we'll look at the warm forecast and also rain moving in before the week's over and your easter sunday forecast. that's straight ahead. the search continues tonight for one of the alleged brussels bombers and now learning about the group responsible. tonight u.s. intelligence officials say the group that pulled off yesterday's deadly attacks was the same cell responsible for killing 13 people in the paris attacks. man on the left is identified as najim laachraoui. authorities have identified the other two suicide bombers as brothers, ibrahim and hakim el bakraoui. hillary clinton says the u.s. must strengthen the alliances in europe, asia and around the
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world to defeat isis. >> slogans aren't a strategy. loose cannons tend to misfire. what america needs is strong, smart, steady leadership to wage and win this struggle. >> clinton singled out donald trump and ted cruz for their comments on american muslims saying that demonizing muslims won't help in the fight against jihadism. in wisconsin tonight, cruz defended calls for law enforcement to patrol muslim neighborhoods. >> need to be using proactive policing. we need to be using proactive law enforcement and intelligence and national security resources. to prevent radicalism and to monitor and intercept and stop radical islamic tryerrorists before they carry out acts of terrorism. >> president obama called cruz's idea of surveillance in muslim
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communities wrong and un-americ un-american. the man who shot former congresswoman giffords in the head is now suing her for $25 million. loughner is serving a life sentence for killing six others in tucson in 2011. in the lawsuit that loughner filed himself he says giffords is just pretending that she was shot. he's also suing the fbi and asking for his immediate release. a philadelphia woman accuses two white detectives of violating her civil rights by storming into her house and then making her spend the night in a police cell. nicole newman says police came to the southwest philadelphia home with an arrest warrant for her son. she refused to let them in saying her son was not home and police did not have a search warrant. newman spoke at an naacp news conference today how she felt disrespected, dragged out of her home in front of her neighbors.
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>> you're in a state of shock because you're not believing this is happening. police don't do this. we're supposed to be able to call when something goes wrong. >> newman who's a social worker cited for disorderly conduct. philadelphia police commissioner ross says he's ordered an internal afarrells investigation into the incident. south jersey bureau, hoverboards closer to being banned from the boardwalk cape may county. the mayor says local leaders voted in favor of the ban in peak months. it will go up for a second vote april 8th. if that passes, the ban will goes into effect 20 days later, pending any further appeal. nova nation, get ready. how the wildcats are preparing and how the tournament has philly cashing in. >> philly is just philly.
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there's no other place like it. >> ice cube saying it best. why he is showing philly some love tonight. and president obama does a diplomatic dance. what has the commander in chief showing off his tango tonight.
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♪ look at that. president obama trying out the tango in argentina. they both hit the dance floor at a state dinner in buenos aires part of a trip to mend fences between years of tension between the u.s. and argentina. fans of the "barbershop" movie franchise was in luck. ice cube was in town. he says even though the film is based in chicago, barbershop
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fans anywhere can relate. >> to me, you know, even though this movie is set in chicago, it represents barbershops right here in philly without a doubt. >> absolutely. the next cut is the fourth installment in the series and heads to theaters nationwide april 15th. check it out. it's about that time. thousands of excited basketball fans gearing up for tournament time in philly. this week the city's under the national spotlight as the tournament takeses over the wells fargo center where keith jones is live. keith, a big dance means big business for philadelphia. >> reporter: at least we hope so, right? south philly's been sweetened by the sweet 16 and mayor changed the name of broad street to road to the championship. next to me, the wells fargo center transformed to welcome thousands of out of towners to the city of brotherly love, nails, constant work inside.
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just in time, too. indiana arrived hours later they drew a crowd in old city. among them, 8-year-old will and his dad traveling from maryland. >> we seen the liberty bell. we seen independence hall. >> reporter: and spent money in the national constitution center. >> it is really nice and good to see the things you hear about and read about and sharing with the kids. >> reporter: will considers himself a history buff and not so much a cheesesteak eater. >> i got some salad. i'm most of the meals i have had here is salad. >> spring break for us this week so in the last couple of years we have done williamsburg, gettysburg and now philadelphia. it just keeps exposing them to history. >> reporter: including the storied hoosiers college basketball program. we also found super fan franklin. >> elkhart, indiana, since 35k this morning and drove to michigan city. got on the bus. wept to midway and then midway to here.
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we got here about 3:00 today. >> reporter: his wife is sleeping inside the hotel and checked with visit philly. nearly hotel room in the city of philadelphia is booked already. >> excited to be in philly? >> oh man. this is wonderful. we'll do it and do it and do it. >> reporter: back live now. north carolina and noter dame and wisconsin join indiana here. we checked out stubhubby the way. there are tickets available and expect $300 a seat. keith jones, nbc 10 news. >> ouch. we have to get that little boy to get away from the salad and try a cheesesteak while he is here. probably the way you like it whiz without, right? >> whiz without onions, no way. >> we'll work on him. keith, thank you. we know your belovedville no la wildcats play tomorrow. john clark is in kentucky for the sweet 16 matchup. look for the report coming up in
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a few minutes. and sheena parveen with a gorgeous forecast. shee sheena? >> yeah. if you loved today, you'll love tomorrow and we have plenty of sunshine to go along with it. 70-degree temperatures back in the forecast. we had them today. we will have them again tomorrow. with dry conditions. we're not going to see the rain again until we go into friday. that's when you'll want your umbrella. the showers return friday and leads us into a pretty nice easter weekend and easter forecast coming up in a second here. right now, still mild outside. 48, allentown. 59d in philadelphia. mild this time of the night. and dover so as you wake up torp morning, won't be as cold. you might want a light jacket and not going to be as nearly as cold as we have been. temperatures through the afternoon today, we got 73 degrees. tomorrow, 74. friday, 70. comes with rain and look what happens saturday. we drop down and only to 60 degrees. still above normal the average
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high is 55 degrees. over the next two days or today and tomorrow mainly, we are about 20 degrees above normal. nice and dry on satellite and radar. the rain is well back to the west and only rain once it moves in. no snow in the forecast an staying warm with a south wind as we go in to tomorrow and really even into friday with the rain here, too. so the warming trend under way and tomorrow we will have areas near record high temperatures. by a couple of degrees. and now we look at friday, 9:30 in the morning friday, showers moving in so for your morning commute friday, have the umbrella. take your time and seeing some rain even through the middle of the day and lunchtime and into the afternoon this is 3:00 p.m. on friday. we'll see some rain moving through by then and go into the evening commute and later friday night and that clears out with the friday night plans. easter weekend coming into view and it looks pretty good. mild temperatures going into the easter sunday. so your easter morning forecast, if you started to make your
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plans for that, it's pretty nice. dry conditions for the easter egg hunt. 7:00 a.m., 42 degrees. by 9:00, easter sunday, 51 degrees and then noon low 60s. for tonight, low, mostly clear and mild. 45 degrees areas north and west. tomorrow, sunny, unseasonably warm. 72 to 75 degrees for the high temperatures so another beautiful day friday, 70 degrees and comes with showers. sunny and cooler saturday, 60 degrees. 67 for your easter sunday and showers return next monday. >> easter bunny looks happy about it. thank you. a bourbon battle tonight for bartenders trying to outmix each other for the best cocktail. the fourth annual battle raises money for the animal food and control team and they give pet food to low-income pet owners. a nonprofit opening a new location to serve the employment needs of the city's low income men. men's fit unveiled its latest
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office space on walnut street today. coats, dress shirts and shoes line the walls for clients in need. they provide men who qualify with professional clothing for interviews, job counseling and finance classes. and sports is next.
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what's the most awarded ranking from top to bottom. luxury cars just seem like they would be top awarded. there better be some awards behind what you are paying for, right. the final answer. chevy. the most awarded car company two years in a row. wow, it's like a luxury car. i was shocked. i mean it's like, this is chevy? current qualified gm lessees can get a sign and drive lease on this chevy cruze limited for around $179 per month. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. i'm danny pommells. villanova plays in the sweet 16 tomorrow against miami of louisville. john clark is with the wildcats. >>ville that voluntary is here in the sweet 16 for the first time in seven years but the players want to taste more.
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their goal is not just to get here. their goal is to win it all. >> it starts with preparation, defense, rebounding and that right there will fuel everything else and gives us the best chance to get to the final four and win a national championship. >> if we come in every day in practice, after, you know, every game with a clear mind saying, you know, i'm going to go in and play villanova basketball then we can make a good run. >> do you think you guys are playing your best basketball of all year? >> i do not. you know, from the iowa game, there are a lot of defensive lapses we had. watching the game on the ride back to school, you know, we saw a lot of room for improvement. >> confidence level is going to keep rising just because when we're together as a team and capable of and lock in defensively. >> villanova will try to go to the elite eight for the third time under jay wright. i'm john clark for comecast
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sportsnet. the nfl meetings continue in florida. the eagles current and former coaches spoke today. kelly said it was not his idea to take over the control and that he had almost no communication with roseman and a curious answer when asked thinking about cutting quarterback kaepernick. >> you guys are not cutting him? >> no. >> no chance. >> no. not even in the conversation. i think he's got talent. >> you don't cut talent. that might come as a surprise. as for doug pederson, asked about matthews' role after playing mostly in the slot the last two years. >> i think he can play outside. you know? i want to look at him outside this spring as we go through the offseason and he can, you know, with his skill set, he can play both. >> matthews to the outside. maybe this guy goes into the slot. the eagles wide receiver ran doll signed to a one-year deal.
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he caught 57 balls for 8 touchdowns last season with the giants. sixers in denver. noel is out with a knee contusion and saying hello to a former teammate. thompson, fourth quarter. three's company for him. a sixers one-point lead. sixers now down one again. landry give it is sixers a lead and they hold 102-101 in the fourth quarter. that's a look at sports. i'm danny pommells. we'll be right back. ♪
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♪ discover every way to easter at target. get a $10 target gift card when you spend $50 on groceries. see store for coupon.
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i think everyone's going to have time outside tomorrow. >> you know what? you have to. really have to. if you can't drive with the windows down or something, we are in the 70s again and it's going to be sunny. nice and dry. 74 for the high tomorrow. and friday and another 70 but that one comes with rain starting in the morning through the afternoon. but friday night plans, gone by
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then. the easter weekend looks good. 67 on sunday and dry. for the easter egg hunt and looking forward for that. >> should be beautiful. sheena, thank you. for all of us here thank you for watching. good night.
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test. test..test. test. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon."night show starri jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests --n jimmy and his ice t, ice t, allison williams, allison williams, comedian gabriel iglesia


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